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 SilverSeaRemnants static for weekdays

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PostSubject: SilverSeaRemnants static for weekdays   Sun Nov 16, 2008 11:02 am

So as the title says me and few friends started a static for the Salvage zone SilverSeaRemnants. As everyone who's done salvage before knows SSR tends to be generous when it comes to 35 pieces dropping (sarcasm) so we thought only 1 run a week isn't gonna cut it. Now, I made this topic to ask if there is anyone interested in joining the static: As of now our plan is to run wednesdays and thursdays (the time might change however) at around midday GMT+0. The time isn't that good for EU peeps but I figured I'd ask anyway.

We are mainly looking for a Thief, but a spot might be available for some other job too. You don't have to have experience from Salvage, but attendance should be nearly 100%. Having Second Lieutenant rank is a plus, since then we can get Assault points together before/after the runs, but it isn't required, just makes things easier.

We are not going to do Bosses, only NM's, and most likely no other zones. Chances are that if a 35 does drop and the member doesn't have 25 nor 15 yet my main Linkshell may assist in getting the required pieces. As for drops, we are going to do max 3 NM's per runs, and 2 of them wil be Hammerblow majanun (drops Usukane head 35) and Citadel Chelonian (drops Usukane body 35). The 3rd can be any NM of your choice (Both gyro gears, powderkeg janadahn, Dekka: Drops Skadi hands/Marduk feet/Morrigan legs/Ares legs) . We are only going to do these 3 NM's every run until they all drop. All drops mentioned before are available for lotting except the Usukane pieces.

If you are interested post a reply here or /tell me ingame o/
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SilverSeaRemnants static for weekdays
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