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 soonish update info and stuff from JP

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PostSubject: soonish update info and stuff from JP   Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:42 pm

The Second Scenario!


■Version Update Plans (cont.)
“Fields of Valor”
Fields of Valor is a new in-game system which has been a long time in the coming. By using an item called a “Field Manual” near outposts or in close vicinity to cities, players may undertake quests to fell a designated number of certain beasts. Completion of these hunting quests will net players experience points. This may prove the perfect small-scale endeavor for players waiting for a party invite, or mayhap on those occasions when you might not have quite enough time to join a leveling party, but still want to spend a little time having fun.
※Please not that monsters must yield experience in order to be constitute confirmed kills.
※Fields of Valor quests may be flagged once per Vana’diel day—a relatively short waiting period compared to other in-game events.

【Treasure Caskets】
Following the conclusion of combat, a “Treasure Casket” will appear to bring a little bit of cheer to the hunt-weary adventurer.
These treasure caskets may contain two types of rewards: temporary items and regular items. The goods which players receive will differ according to the area they are in, but for the most part will consist of items such as medicines to aid them in battle, and, for the luckiest of souls, exclusive gear which can only be obtained on the hunt!
The two in-game systems detailed above will be introduced in the December version update, and do not require the installation of any expansion packs. They will subsequently be built upon and eventually move into other areas as well, with precedence being given to public favorites.

Scholars and Dancers Rejoice!
The next version update will also see the introduction of Group 2 merit point abilities for the scholar and dancer jobs. While Fan Festival 2008 in Japan will proudly play host to the unveiling of the scholar’s new enhanced abilities, a tight lid will be kept on the dancer’s secrets until the American Fan Festival, slated for early December.

Light Arts Stratagem (requires two charges).
Increases the accuracy of your next white magic spell.

Dark Arts Stratagem (requires two charges).
Increases the accuracy of your next black magic spell.

Light Arts Stratagem (requires two charges).
Your next white magic spell will generate less enmity.

Dark Arts Stratagem (requires two charges).
Your next black magic spell will generate less enmity.

Optimizes both white and black magic capabilities and allows access to both addenda for your next spell. Recast: 10min.

Storm-type spells grant a bonus to attributes associated with their element.
Initial bonus value: +3.

The scholar and dancer relic attire sets will also make their way to Vana’diel this winter!
Naturally, players will have to venture into the Dynamis areas should they hope to acquire them. Happy hunting!

【Wedding Bells!】
The spiffy wedding duds you have long been waiting for have finally arrived!
Much like the wedding dress, this new formalwear will be made available for purchase at the price of 50,000 gil when applying for a wedding. For those old romantics who desire to hold their matrimonial rites in the Vana’diel of the past, the same apparel will be available from a special NPC who will be servicing players for a limited time only. And for those hands-on types out there, synthesis recipes will also be implemented.

【Opinions from the Online Community】
“There was certainly an outpouring of voices claiming the Glory Crown was a dud…
I can assure you it’s quite real.”
- Takeda Kenzo, Battle Team

Truth be told, the crown indeed possesses a hidden effect.
Namely, when a player receives Sanction while wearing the Glory Crown, they will receive the effect of an additional +1 Imperial defense bonus.
The Imperial defense rating, usually calculated by the number of successful defenses of the capital, is beneficial to players as it has a direct influence on the amount of experience points gained by defeating enemies, and also grants bonuses such as prolonged food effects.
However, players should be aware that when determining Sanction effects, an Imperial defense rating of 8 is the maximum allowed for, and any number beyond this will afford no additional bonuses.

“I think the Tidal Talisman is one of the coolest looking pieces of gear out there.”
- Hiromichi Tanaka, Producer
When Mr. Tanaka first approached the graphic design team, he expounded his vision of a “brilliant pendant to grace the necks of all adventurers everywhere, be they in string bikinis or surf shorts.” And yet due to some unforgivable miscommunication somewhere along the line, the end product was a luxurious long-coat seemingly tailor-made for high-end players.
The original prototype was something along the lines of… (image)
But, being nothing more than a complimentary in-game bauble accompanying the actual merchandise, it was finally decided upon to create a modest, understated piece of Level 1 gear that players wouldn’t necessarily drool over. Even the enchantment was intentionally made a bit tongue-in-cheek so as not to be something players would feel absolutely compelled to have.
But, we just can’t seem to part with the original design. Maybe we’ll hang onto these graphics and reuse them for a high-end piece of gear sometime in the future…

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soonish update info and stuff from JP
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