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PostSubject: Dynamis-Tavnazia.   Dynamis-Tavnazia. EmptySun Dec 07, 2008 4:42 am

Right so. With our first Tavnazia attempt under 72 hours away, I think it's in order to write up a short but sweet strategy and general outlay of how the run will go.

Part #1 - Gather, entry and first pull.

Gathering happens exactly the same as any other Dynamis run, the people attending turn up at the Hieroglyphics at the right time, with all the same meds and suchlike. The hieroglyphics are situated on the bottom floor of the Tavnazian Safehold outside Sealion's Den. The dynamis is at max, two hours long providing you get all the TEs in the best way possible.

Entry will also be done like other dynamis' with an hourglass handed out as quickly as possible and enter the zone quickly. Once inside we'll stand still and buff up before pulling the first pull.

This is a quickly copied map from a source on wiki with all credit going to www.dynamislounge.com.

Dynamis-Tavnazia. Tavf1

Simple start, run in after buffs, kill the bugard. I will advise to point it away from mages, a lowdown of it's special moves are as follows:

Awful Eye: Conal STR down and petrification.
Bone Crunch: Single target damage and plague.
Heavy Bellow: Area of Effect stun.
Scutum: Defence boost.
Tail Roll: Conal damage.

Pretty straight forward, dispel Scutum and Stona petrification. Kill and proceed.

Part #2 - Second pull, third pull and subjob recovery.

Once the above Bugard is dead, we move up ramp towards the second floor.

Dynamis-Tavnazia. Tavf12

We howver skip the Worm on this floor and move directly up to the next floor, however if we pop the worm on the way, then we kill. I'll explain later. From there we move up the top floor.

Dynamis-Tavnazia. Tav13

From here we'll camp on the top of the ramp and send the PLDs out to scout the antlion. It will pop in the above places only, however keep buffs up as it will hurt and can possible oneshot a fully buffed PLD upon surfacing. The Nightmare Antlion's abilities are as followed:

Pit Ambush: Heavy damage upon surfacing, strips shadows and ignores third eye.
Mandible Bite: Heavy conal damage, blinkable.
Sandblast: AoE blind and silence.
Sandpit: Single target bind.
Venom Spray: Conal poison, damage of 50hp/tick so dangerous.

As with the bugard on the lower floor, a lot of conal so face it away from mages and melee and take down as quickly as possible. Killing the antlion grants a 30minute time extension. Once this is done we move back down to the second floor, pictured up there and start looking for the worm. The Nightmare Worm is found in the same way as the antlion, however there are 5 pop places instead of four, though obviously we can't pull it so we need to move the group to it, once found kill. It's abilities are as followed:

Earth based magic: Stonega IV, break, stone V, quake, rasp and stoneskin.
Draw-in: Will draw in before TP moves, anyone in alliance. It is possible to split up parties for this fight.
Sound-Vacuum: AoE silence.
Tremors: AoE damage and dex down.

There's a trick to making this fight easier, and we will use it. Before we pull, we will split up our alliance into three parties. This allows two parties to be safe from draw-in making it better for blms to nuke. Like normal works just kill it quickly, and reform alliance one done.

Subjobs unlocked and it's time to move on.

Part #3 - Third time extention and hydra pulls.

This is where it starts to get tricky, once we've killed the bugard we move move off to the north-western part of the circular room and head towards where the mog house would be in the real Tavnazia.. The following picture is a general lowdown of how the pulls look, and what we are expecting.

Dynamis-Tavnazia. Tavf2t

We'll camp in the circular room and pull all of the hornets blocking the way, there are a chance these will drop Af2 legs-1. There will be a max of 6 hornets, pulled at 3 at a time. Deal with them how you'd deal with pulls in normal dreamlands. From there we camp inside the tunnel and pull the first eye on the right once exiting the tunnel. There will be one eye (always killed first) and two-four hydra per pull. Unlike in Beaucedine, Hydras here ARE Sleepable, so keep them slept. They should be treated just like other mobs. Hydras have a chance to drop Beaucedine AF, with pretty much the same droprate as in other CoP on normal AF, so we're expecting to see at least a couple. We'll pull our way to the TE and make someone go and hit it. Once the ??? for TE has been hit, ALL mobs we've just killed will respawn, including hornets. The general plan here is to move the alliance to the ramp leading up to the third floor and wait for the thf to rejoin. The thf will be sent to hit the ???, just before doing so will hit flee. After using flee will check the ??? and run to the circular room just out of range of the hornets for RR or raiding.. Once the mobs have returned he will either reraise or be raised and we will move up to the top floor for the last TE.

Part #3 - Fourth time extention and demon pulls.

Dynamis-Tavnazia. Wingedandfyresig
Dynamis-Tavnazia. Wdgx3
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