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 IMPORTANT - Sponsorship towards relic.

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IMPORTANT - Sponsorship towards relic. Empty
PostSubject: IMPORTANT - Sponsorship towards relic.   IMPORTANT - Sponsorship towards relic. EmptyTue Mar 31, 2009 1:23 am

Over the past few weeks the leaders have been talking with the members of CaE trying to work out what would be the fairest way of introducing the idea of sponsorship for runs in CtrlAltElite. After a lot of discussion, ideas, comments and suggestions we feel we have reached a mutual agreement. To start with I'll explain the basic concepts of sponsoring and what we aim to achieve as a linkshell.

The general aim of sponsorship is to help someone obtain a relic weapon, these take a lot of time, effort and money to complete. Not everyone has the patience to complete a relic, but those that do still want help along the way. The general aim of sponsorship is to help someone get to their goal quicker. A sponsor will pay for a run and take all singles.

The extra rules and comments concerning are as followed.

  • The sponsored run will alternate days at most times.
  • The sponsorer will be able to comment af or 100s just as before.
  • The sponsorer will be unable to lot crafting items, this includes wootz ores.
  • The sponsorer will only be able to sponsor runs in which he needs coins.
  • The sponsorer will be able to sponsor Jeuno/Beaucidine/Xarcabard if they have the intention to trade the extra coins for coins they need.
  • There will be a limit on how many runs a sponsor is allowed per month, this will be no more than 4.
  • The above in mind, not every month will have 4 sponsored runs.
  • The same rules apply for members in sponsored, as unsponsored runs.
  • A leader will lot up the coins in a sponsored run, and trade them to the sponsor at the end, this is so we can keep an accurate record.
  • Due to a calender we have been sticking to for the last year, we wont always be able to alternate runs.

These are the general rules we have come up with. However there is something we need to make members aware of.

The linkshell will still be run for the linkshell, and will not be prioritised around the sponsor.

This means that we're always looking for majority of the linkshell, not the minority which want to sponsor. For now we will only have the one sponsor to see how it works.

IMPORTANT - Sponsorship towards relic. Wingedandfyresig
IMPORTANT - Sponsorship towards relic. Wdgx3
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IMPORTANT - Sponsorship towards relic.
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