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 WTB 1 Byne Bills & 100 Byne Bills

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PostSubject: WTB 1 Byne Bills & 100 Byne Bills   Sat May 02, 2009 6:35 pm

Looking to buy Bastok dynamis currency, send me a tell in game if you're willing to sell.

Prices that I'm looking for are...
1 Byne Bill: 5,000
100 Byne Bill: 500,000
Or less if you're willing to help a brother out.

I'll go as high as...
1 Byne Bill: 6,000
100 Byne Bill: 600,000
But that's it.

You let me know when you sell to me. Smile

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WTB 1 Byne Bills & 100 Byne Bills
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