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PostSubject: Dyna: Xarcabard   Dyna: Xarcabard EmptyMon Mar 17, 2008 9:20 pm

Ok Bored cos of stupid maintence, so im a Give a Quick Run thru of Dyna Xarcabard Farming and Ftw, when were rdy for it of course.

Firstly most important of all, you need to have cleared Dyna Beau and clicked ??? Obtaining {Hydra Corps Insignia}.
The Trails marking is Xarcabard ( J-9 ).

Treasure: what we all came for :3

Ancient Currency: One Byne Bill
One Hundred Byne Bill
Tukuku Whiteshell
Lungo-Nango Jadeshell
Ordelle Bronzepiece
Montiont Silverpiece

Items: Infinity Core
Copy of "Ginuva's Battle Theory"
Copy of "Schultz Stratagems"
Ahriman Lens ( Vanguard Eye)
Ahriman Tears ( Vanguard Eye)
Wyvern Scales (Wyverns and Vouivre)
Wyvern Skin (Wyverns and Vouivre)
Wyvern Wing (Wyverns and Vouivre)
Dragon Scales ( Vanguard Dragon , Ying , Yang)
Shard of Necropsyche ( Vanguard Dragon)
Shadow Mantle ( Dynamis Lord)
Shadow Ring ( Dynamis Lord)

Relic Armor:
Valor Surcoat
BRD Cannions
Duelist's Chapeau
Assassin's Armlets
Melee Crown
Cleric's Mitts
Sorcerer's Petasos
WAR's Lorica
SMN's Horn
Saotome Kabuto
Scout's Jerkin
Abyss Burgeonet
Wyrm Armet
Koga Tekko
Monster Gloves

Copy of "Ginuva's Battle Theory"
Copy of "Schultz Stratagems" exp scrolls such as these should go to Pullers/tanks i dont know CAE ruling on these.

Farming Runs: (maps aint working so going from memorie, ill try and make it as detailed and easy to read as possible)
From the start your running West til you hit the First 4 Stats, 1 dummy stats and 3 normal Stats, taking care of the Stats and any Normal Mobs they may summon, one of easiest Pulls in xarcabard so enjoy while ya can :P.
ok After taking care of first pull you are heading in a kinda north Western direction where we will towards a Tombstone Prototype with 4 Eyes second pull rather easy, if i remeber correctly PLDs and MNK mobs spawn here so watch out and have fun :P
after Cleaning Up this pull and alliance is rested and rdy we'll be movin to camp 2 in a Western direction once again :3
where we will meet Icon and 3 Eyes taking care of this is rather easy yet again, few Thfs and Blms in this pull if im correct once again, sorry if mob list isnt accurate aint pulled in a few yrs. Movin on From Camp 2 is a rather long run in a North western Direction were we are looking for 3 eyes round what wud be H-8 on normal map.
kill mobs and so and so on, now gettin to the interestin bit this is where we head to the NMs 2 options here pull 2 sets of Eyes which have a rather large pull or dodge and head to the Demon NM's:
Count Zaebos - War
Duke Berith - Rdm
Marquis Decarabia - Brd
Duke Gomory - Mnk
Marquis Andras - Bst / Andras's Vouivre
Prince Seere - Whm
Duke Scox - Drk
Marquis Gamgyn- Nin
Marquis Orias - Blm
Count Raum - Thf
Marquis Nebiros - Smn / Nebiros's Avatar
Marquis Sabnak - Pld
Count Vine - Sam
King Zagan - Drg / Zagan's Wyvern
Marquis Cimiries - Rng
The above NMs are reported to have a higher drop rate of their job's Relic Armor and won't drop armor for other jobs. (yaok)
anyway these NMs come 3 at a time sometimes 4 with pets so some need to be Kited while others Kill other Nms.
Upon defeating the above NMs, the message "The prison of souls has set free its captive spirits!" will be displayed in the log. At this time:
dun worrie bout that til we start killin Dynalord :P
anyway with the Farm having pulled and beaten all NM's and celebrating any drops we may have gotten Very Happy time to move onto next camp as you may have noticed we aint hit any TE's just yet so this is next important thing to do. The NM camps are 3-6 so dont be confused when i mnetion camp 6 ina sec :P.
ok headin from Camp 6 in a Northwestern direction we get our first Statue prototype TE mob :3, kill and get another 30mins of Farming!
Depending on Numbers and how well were doing we can head to camp 7 and the dreaded 8.
camp 7 are long but smallish in dyna standard pulls :P, anyway clear up these and depending on time/numbers again we'll try camp 8, Camp 8 is a bastard and needs to be done to get to Dynalord. lil Diagram of Camp 8 comin up, X is a Mob that splits into 5.
(Path to Dynalord)


Hope ya enjoyed my lil Diagram :P, well as ya can see no wat of avoiding this pull if ya going FTW, but at same time nice number of mob to farm from 30 lol...
anyway there is a way round pullin with a lil bit of skill you can pick of the ends leavin 4 sets of 5 left, once were cleaned up on the picked off pulls, we need 4 Vokes mainly Nins & War/nins to voke each selected mob Incomin dia gram




P = Player. set up like this each P will voke Mob in front pulling all back to camp where slept and killed one by one, there is no way of avoiding link so this is safe and effeicent way of pullin this lot, also this method is used gettin to teh dynalord :3 so practice makes perfect ppl!
anyway like i said dependin on Numbers/time left if we clean the pull with time left, it will be time to back track being as only Vanguard Dragon are left in dynalords direction, havin back track it basicailly pullin whatever we see and hopin to god its a nice pull :P and this ends my Farming Faq for now, Feel Free to comment and correct it my first Faq and im going of memory. thanks <3

Ok now for the FTW faq. (this shud be fun :P)

FTW is basicailly avoiding uneeded pulls to save time and aggro, ftw is also simple with practice, theres a lot of Windy house dodging in this, meanin dodging Mobs and so on.

Ok as we enter we heading in eastern direction avoidin Mobs til we get to Camp 1, dont worrie you'll have camp numbers drill into ya head by this time, naming em Camp 1 and 2 and so on makes it easier for ppl to understand the basic direction that the alliance's will be travelling, E.g Wingedangel Get pwnt at I-9. she can just say " i r dead ust south of camp 1 ; ;", thank you winged for lettin me use ya as a example :P.
Carring on, we ae running straight to camp 2 avoiding all mobs/pulls.
normally with my olde shell we'd pull at camp 2 to keep some ppl happy instead of spending first 10mins of dyna running, but up to Sacks and so on.
headin from camp 2 in a nothern Direction to camp 3.
Camp 3 is the start of the Demon NM's

Count Zaebos - War
Duke Berith - Rdm
Marquis Decarabia - Brd
Duke Gomory - Mnk
Marquis Andras - Bst / Andras's Vouivre
Prince Seere - Whm
Duke Scox - Drk
Marquis Gamgyn- Nin
Marquis Orias - Blm
Count Raum - Thf
Marquis Nebiros - Smn / Nebiros's Avatar
Marquis Sabnak - Pld
Count Vine - Sam
King Zagan - Drg / Zagan's Wyvern
Marquis Cimiries - Rng

W will also understand basic pullin of these NMs over time, sorry to skip but been wirting this Post for over 1hr 40min nows. and Dyna Xarca takes time to master so rushin ppl into it wouldnt be wise :P
Havin Killed all The Demon NMs
"The prison of souls has set free its captive spirits!" will be displayed in the log.
this Activates Vanguard Dragons near Camp 8 and also Ying yang for later.
after NM demons we'll be at Camp 7 so a lil bit of running also dodging Mobs along the way til we get to Camp 8.

Ok TE's on Dynalord Runs, i prefer to send Rngs to Barrage/WS the Stat to death, this saves time and also puts rngs to good use :P, if no Rngs the we have to be pulled like normal mobs and taken care quick as possible.

anyway sorry to stumble of the beaten track, back to Camp 8 just like farming runs picking of the 2 ends one then pulling with Voke here diagram again for those who aint sure.




This takes a lil time being as we have to kill upmost of 30 Mobs, this is were our skill and timin comes in, keeping on top of sleeps and keepin vokes on slept mobs to avoid unessarie wipes is needed if ya want to clear, we dont want to burn 5-10mins raising and waitin on unweak to carrie on, sometimes is unavoidable but keepin it to a miniuim helps when going ftw. sorry to nag <3
Ok new part to Xarcabard :O, for those who've never done DL before.
Once we've cleard Camp 8 and killed The TE which is sat on it own on a cliff, if im rite.
were headin in a Western direction til we get to "The Cliff"

"The cliff" is camp 9 with a real name lol, ok This is were all Dragons, including Ying/yang are Pulled too. and also the Dynalord is setup here, back to "the cliff" later.

Ok this is were things get fun, we have 10 Vangaurd Dragons to pull, this is the simple part. Havin defeated all VD's time for Ying Yang pull, need a Thf or 2 to pull usin Flee back to the Cliff with both dragons in hand.

This is were it gets a lil Ugly, Ying and Yang are Twin dragons and need to be killed within 10 seconds of eachother, or the alive dragon will resummon it brother and regain back to 100%, which we dont want.
So, Main /assit will Call Yang and alliance's will Kill Yang, while Ying is beiing Kited/tanked w/e ya prefer. Once at 7% DISENGAGE!!!!! Yang and melee Ying to 7%ish too and DISENGAGE!!!! Ying then both Mobs are aga'd to Death both dieing at same time. simple but can go wrong very easierly Very Happy

Ok assuming Ying/yang went well its time for the big bad boy himself.
Ok back to "The Cliff" Mages Up top Melee on bottom, thats all there is too it XD
Dynalord is a Zerg fight, Sooo Alliance's may be messed with to get best result outta it.
Brds are loved and Needed for Dynalord, i recommend 4+ for each Dynalord run we do, 3 For Melee Alliance and 1/2 for mages. if we dont have spare brds the 3 shud be fine, once brd have sung drop for a healer and so on.
Once alliance's are set and everyone is im position we'll be just bout rdy to pull but first!
MEDS: Reraise is needed, Echos for mages and mage like jobs, Opo'snecklace and Sleep pots for some melee! and Iwings helps! the more WS ya get the better :P
Food and all that help too.

Anyway Rdm's If ya havnt alrdy lvl drk to 37 Cos we need 4 rdm/drk for Stun Shotgun.
when Dynalord is Pulled one pair of rdm/drk will chainspell stun til chainspell weres off.
Hopefully Dynalord wont last longer then 30 secs so second pair are there just incase.

The Dynalord Fight. Melee~ Go all out usin 2hr iwings and so on just rape the bastard.
BLM's~ Nuke, Nuke and Nuke again if ya Take hate Dont run stand and take it like a man, we need to keep Dynalord near cliff or hes Move will take more effect.
RDM's~ Stun Gun that Bitch, also those who aint /drk help out on heals <3
WHM's Do what ya do best! keep whoever alive <3
PLDs/NIN Try Tankin but just like Most Zerg fight ya wont have hate for long so slap ya on DD gear and help us Melee out :P

Hopefully within a Few attempts we will master this Bitch and reak the Rewards!
And make Some PLDs and NIN's very very happy :P

Ok enjoy and i hope this Helps a select few out. only took me 2hrs 18mins :3

Yours Frokes <3
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PostSubject: Re: Dyna: Xarcabard   Dyna: Xarcabard EmptyMon Mar 17, 2008 9:22 pm

For some reason my Diagram messed up, Each P stands infront of a X and vokes :3
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PostSubject: Re: Dyna: Xarcabard   Dyna: Xarcabard EmptyMon Mar 17, 2008 9:55 pm

Dx I didnt read all of it yet ;p
but did u ever use blms to snipe the eyes? o<
Also thnx for taking the time to write it ;D

Dyna: Xarcabard Wingedsig
Dyna: Xarcabard Nimlolz
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PostSubject: Re: Dyna: Xarcabard   Dyna: Xarcabard EmptyWed Apr 02, 2008 11:17 am

Maybe this will help

Dyna: Xarcabard SIB_DXarc
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PostSubject: Re: Dyna: Xarcabard   Dyna: Xarcabard EmptyTue Jul 15, 2008 11:55 am

Found this info thought might be handy.


Requirements: Must have key item from examining ??? where the bosses of the following areas were defeated:
Dynamis - Bastok - Hydra Corps Eyeglass
Dynamis - Jeuno - Hydra Corps Tactical Map
Dynamis - San d'Oria - Hydra Corps Command Scepter
Dynamis - Windurst - Hydra Corps Lantern
Dynamis - Beaucedine - Hydra Corps Insignia

Medicine required:
Poison or venom potions

Area recommendations:
Vanguard Eye and all Notorious Monsters are unsleepable.

Because notorious monsters come in trios, marathon teams are needed.

Vanguard Eyes are unsleepable and unsilencable black mages, so poison/venom potions and advanced stun teams are needed.

Statues supposedly have no physical resistance.

Area dangers:
The movement path through xarcabard is precise.

Vanguard Eye magic:
Sleepga, firaga III , flare

Vanguard Eye TP moves:
Airy Shield - On monster - Arrow shield (ranged attack immunity)
Level 5 Petrify - Area radial effect - All characters with level that is a multiple of 5 get petrified.
Hypnosis - ??? target - Sleep
Mind Break - ??? target - Max MP down
Eyes on Me - ??? target - Bind
Magic Barrier - On monster - Magic immunity

Statue magic:

Statue TP attack:

Kindred jobs:
(Names have job in them)
Kindred Vouivre - ???

Kindred TP moves:
Soul Drain - ??? target - HP absorption
Hecatomb Weave - ??? target - Blind, damage
Demonic Howl - Radial area effect - Slow (overwritten by haste)
Condemnation - ??? target - Stun

Notorious monsters:
Pull 1:
Count Zaebos - war
Duke Berith - rdm
Marquis Decarabia - brd

Pull 2:
Duke Gomory - mnk
Marquis Andras - bst
Prince Seere - whm

Pull 3:
Marquis Orias - blm
Marquis Gamygyn - nin
Duke Scox - drk

Pull 4:
Count Raum - thf
Marquis Nebiros - smn
Marquis Sabnak - pld

Pull 5:
Count Vine - rng
King Zagan - sam
Marquis Cimeries - drg

NM TP attack:

Boss requirements:
Kill all the NMs, Vanguard Dragons, and Ying & Yang before attacking Dynamis Lord.

Vanguard Dragon battle theory:
Vanguard Dragons have a dangerous area stomp attack, but the damage is absorbed by positioning a cliff between yourself and the dragon.

Ying & Yang battle theory:
These dragons must die at the same time, or they will resummon. blm will thundaga III both dragons, and rng will be split between dragons.

Dynamis Lord battle theory: [size=3]
1. Chainspell stun shotgun
Two rdm/drk will chainspell and spam stun at the same time. Do not try to time your casting with stun wearing off; just spam your stun macro. Dynamis Lord supposedly has partial resist to stun, thus the simultaneous rdm/drk.

Chainspell stun order
After the first pair of rdm/drk run out of chainspell, another pair of rdm/drk will start chainspell stun.

2. Pld/war hate gatherer
One pld/war will spam all abilities including invincible to keep hate on Dynamis Lord. Keep a distance away from Dynamis Lord so that he doesn't hit you, but don't drag him away from the rdm/drk's stun range.

Pld invincible order
Once the pld/war's invincible runs out, he is doomed. Other pld/war should build some hate with provoke and flash from a safe area, but hold off on invincible until it's their turn to use it.

3. Use of cliffs
Two unstunnable area attacks from Dynamis Lord will wipe out characters in range, unless they have a cliff between them and Dynamis Lord to absorb the shock.

4. Ying & Yang resummons
Ying & Yang will be summoned at random in weaker versions. Their hate is supposedly tied to the person with the most hate on Dynamis Lord. Blm must use thundaga III to quickly wipe out both dragons at the same time. If they don't die at the same time, they will resummon.

5. Item prep
You should have one opo-opo necklace (level 61), 24 sleeping potions, an icarus wing, 12 eye drops, 12 antidotes, 12 echo drops, 12 holy water

Sleeping potions with opo-opo necklace give 25 TP over 30 seconds per potion. Thus, each stack of sleeping potions takes 6 minutes to give 300% TP.

6. Damage blitz
The number of rdm/drk divided by two and multiplied by thirty seconds is the amount of time you have to easily kill Dynamis Lord.

After killing off the Vanguard Dragons and Ying & Yang, buff up and use opo-opo sleeping potions to get 300% TP. Once prepared, Dynamis Lord is pulled...

Spirits within is a sword weapon skill with 100% accuracy and does 50% of your current HP with 300% TP. Consider using this if your main weaponskill doesn't exceed 50% of your HP in damage.

Job recommendations:
war - Open with Mighty Strikes Berserk Warcry Aggressor weapon skill. Continue melee until mighty strikes wears off, then retreat for opo-opo sleep potions. Come back to weapon skill at 100% TP after 2 minutes.

whm - Can try to holy and banish III to spike damage, but keeping people alive is more important.

rdm - Open with spirits within. Blm mp is important. Expect to swap parties so that blms can get mp while you chainspell stun.

pld - Open with spirits within. If you aren't next in line for invincible, you should provoke and flash, then sleep for TP, then repeat.

bst - Weaponskill or spirits within at start. Recommend against using pet, unless it's Amigo Sabotender with zooleater hat. Retreat after using weapon skill and sleep for TP. Come back to do weaponskill at 10)% TP after 2 minutes.

rng - Open with slugshot/Sidewinder, barrage, eagle eye shot. Use ranged attacks to get tp and spam weapon skill. Use icarus wing for another 100% tp.

nin - Land Hojo: Ni, Jubaku: Ichi, Kurayami: Ni. Weaponskill vs Spirits Within unknown. 2-hour at full HP recommended once chainspell stuns run out.

smn - Astral flow recommendation unknown. Blood pact after astral flow unknown.

mnk - Recommend against Hundred Fists. Use boosted chi blast at start, then asuran fists, then fall back to do opo-opo sleep potions.

blm - Thundaga III rape Dynamis Lord. Some blm need to remain on standby for doing Thundaga III on Ying & Yang resummons.

thf - Land Acid Bolt. Weaponskill vs Spirits Within unknown.

drk - Souleater and Blood weapon at start.

brd - Soul voice both ballads at the start. Soul voice Lightning Threnody and Carnage Elegy. Land spirits within.

sam - Spam weaponskills. Weaponskill vs Spirits Within unknown. Retreat to use sleeping potions.
drg - Spam weaponskills. Weaponskill vs Spirits Within unknown. Retreat to use sleeping potions.

7. Zombie tactics
Reraise hairpins and Goddess Hymnus will be used as a last ditch effort once chainspell stuns run out. You will die, reraise, and continue fighting in a weakened state.
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Dyna: Xarcabard
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