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PostSubject: Dynamis-Buburimu   Dynamis-Buburimu EmptyMon Apr 14, 2008 2:15 am

Ok, obviously due to our linkshell's first attempt at this on Tuesday 15th April I thought I'd toss up a strategy.

Basically, there's one mega boss, 15 Beastmen NMs and 10 WS Dragons.

From here on we will be called MB AB, for Apocalyptic Dragon.

At the start AB can use all 15 2hrs in a set order, and 10 TP abilities at will. There is a beastmen NM for each 2hr and a dragon for every TP move. Upon killing the Beastmaster NMs, AB will lose access to the corresponding 2hr, and upon killing dragons AB will lose the corresponding TP move.


When entering, we have three scouts who enter first to search for ??? for subjob. I want three thfs to do this, you will be asked before the run and told where to go. These get the first three glasses and enter as soon as they get glasses, scout, unlock abilities and get back to ls before the rest of the linkshell. All subjobs are easily accessable without aggroing, the stats have normal aggro range and dragons roam a lot.

Dynamis-Buburimu Mapsjrun

Once people are in and subjobs are sorted we sac the first two pulls, WHM NM and SMN NM. Obviously to take away Benediction and Astral Flow.

Dynamis-Buburimu Beastmenmap

Red line = Sac line for WHM NM.
Blue line = Line to pull WHM NM off of sac puller.
Green line = Sac pull for SMN NM.
Aqua line = Line to pull SMN NM off of sac puller.

As you might have noticed, we will be camping at the Mhaura zone until AB, or a couple of dragons in.

Dynamis-Buburimu Dragonsmap

Quote :

Stihi - Flame Breath (roams north side of the path: G6-H6, E7-H7)
Vishap - Poison Breath (Cliff South of Mighoya Dunes, J7-K7)
Jurik - Wind Breath(Cliff North of Mighoya Dunes, J6-K6)
Barong - Body Slam (E-9)
Tarasca - Heavy Stomp (roams south side of the path, E7-H7)
Alklha - Chaos Blade (Maze of Shakhrami Cliff, F6)
Basilic - Petro Eyes (I6-I7)
Avitaras - Void Song (roams open area north of Mhaura, H7-I8 )
Koschei - Thorn Song(Cliff South of Mhaura, east of Khooma Dunes, H9)
Stollenwurm - Lodesong [Graviga] (Khooma Dunes, G9-H9)
The Path is the road connecting the outpost at E7 to the fork in the road at H-7
All dragons link with beastmen statues when pulled.

Bold are most important, italic and bold are first priority and will be pulled first to make AB easier. These will be pulled by priority puller and myself for safety and efficetiveness. Melee kill whatever comes to camp as quickly as possible, we will get plenty of killing time after mega boss. One puller will be sent to get Barong whilst another goes and gets Avitaras, if Avi is not dead before Barong is at camp, Barong will be kited until Avi is dead. This cuts time wasted on pulls. These mobs MUST be killed as SOON AS POSSIBLE.

We will stay at entrance until we're lacking on time or we can move to get easier pulls on dragons. We will move to the camp, circled in purple at the top, mages and RNGs at the top of the ramp, and the melee/tanks/dragon about 3/4s of the way down, but not quite at the bottom.

AB fight is where it gets fun, we will have an alliance of DD members made up of wars/drks/sams/mnk in parties with whms in each. We will then have three brds switch between parties singing songs for them as to increase efficetiveness with 2hrs. As mentioned, AB uses his 2hrs in a set order, and we need to know this order. I will shout it as as and when he uses them.

Quote :
It uses 2-hours in the following order: WAR > MNK > BLM > WHM > RDM > THF > PLD > DRK > BST > BRD > RNG > SAM > NIN > DRG > SMN

We will have ONE paladin Invincible the Hundred Fists, and another will two hour the Blood Weapon to decrease damage and hp regained from BW.

Melee will two hours and aim to get it dead as SOON AS POSSIBLE using everything possible. If and once AB is dead we clear, get ??? and on with farming.

The chances are we will be killing Ravens/Dhalmels/Scorpions/Crabs/Crawlers/Cockatrices, as many as possible until we run out of time.

Dynamis-Buburimu 800px-Buburimu-nightmare-beasts-dro

Wiki wrote:

Nightmare Bunny - Koga Sarashi (NIN) - Bard's Cape (BRD)
Nightmare Cockatrice - Sorcerer's Belt (BLM) - Wyrm Belt (DRG)
Nightmare Crab - Sorcerer's Belt (BLM) - Wyrm Belt (DRG)
Nightmare Crawlers - Abyss Cape (DRK) - Warrior's Stone (WAR)
Nightmare Dhalmel - Abyss Cape (DRK) - Warrior's Stone (WAR)
Nightmare Eft - Melee Cape (MNK) - Valor Cape (PLD)
Nightmare Mandragora - Koga Sarashi (NIN) - Bard's Cape (BRD)
Nightmare Raven - Duelist's Belt (RDM) - Scout's Belt (RNG)
Nightmare Scorpion - Duelist's Belt (RDM) - Scout's Belt (RNG)
Nightmare Uragnite - Melee Cape (MNK) - Valor Cape (PLD)

So yeah, we will explain as it happens so we know what's going on. Hopefully we will do well, if not. We learn Cool

Will upload pics tomorrow, too late and too tired now.

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