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PostSubject: Dynamis-Valkrum   Dynamis-Valkrum EmptyTue Jul 22, 2008 2:46 pm

Hieroglyphics (Entry point): (G-7) Behind Outpost

Required Items:

Reraise Item - dont expect to get through this zone quickly if mages are wasting mp and time raising people
Antidotes - Fungus NM does a heavy poison AoE and it is essential that everyone be able to poisona themselves
Echo Drops - Malborols can silence you
Flee Item or Hermes Quenchers - not required but definitely helps with suicide pulls
Icarus Wings - may not be necessary but it's not worth risking a loss to the Boss
Poison or Venom Potions - anyone who attends dynamis should have some of these.. they are very helpful on anything that can sleep you like Nightmare Sheep for example

Sub-Job Restriction Removal points:

Need to clear 3 Red Nightmare Flys. Suicide Pull recommended to avoid links. Located near Nightmare Sheep, Manticores, and Hippogryphs.


Nightmare Mobs: Hippogryph, Fly, Manticore, Sheep, Morbol, Sabotender
Statue from each racex1 - [WAR,RNG,RDM]; [WHM,NIN,MNK]; [PLD,BLM,SAM]; [BST,BRD,DRK]; [THF,DRG,SMN]


Cirrate Christelle, Nightmare Morbolx2
Statue from each racex1- [THF,DRG,SMN] (possibly popped when spawning boss)
Stcemqestcint - Treant
Dragontrap x3 - Mantrap
Nant'ina - Goobbue (special attack: Charmga)
Fairy Ring - Funguar (Hits hard, flee speed)


Head - THF, BST
Hands - RNG, SAM
Legs - NIN, DRG, SMN
Valor Cape (Pld)
Scout's Beret -1 (Rng)
Summoner's Cape (Smn)
Sorcerer's Petasos -1 (Blm)
Warrior's Mask -1 (War)
Bard's Cape (Brd)
Warrior's Stone (War)
Bard's Roundlet -1 (Brd)
All currency

*Note: All lvl71 af2 drops here


1. Nightmare Flys - unlock subjobs (10 minutes):

To save time hand hourglasses to the Nightmare Fly pullers first. One suicider and one puller for each Fly. The flies move around alot so they wont be found in the exact same spot each time but they will be in the same general area. A clean pull is possible on each fly but the puller should expect to suicide if he links other mobs and let the other puller take the fly back to the out post. A good camp for flies is just west of the outpost. The flies should be pulled as soon as possible. Time is very important here so pull them as quick as possible and expect the rest of the alliances to be ready when they get there.

2. Fairy Ring (Fungus NM) (10 minutes)

After the last fly dies head immediately to the middle of the coast on the beach where Fairy Ring resides. Take only enough time for WHMs to get mp back and then make the pull. Do not wait for everyone to recover from weakness if flies killed a few people. Someone should pull the Replicas guarding Fairy Ring and head North far far away. A Ranger can pull Fairy Ring to the camp in the middle of the beach using Shadow Bind to avoid getting killed by the NM which has flee effect.

3. Quadavs (10 minutes)

It may be possible to do a double suicide pull to clear these out but our method is to kill all the Quadavs on the way to Nant'ina (Gobbue NM). Do not wait until everyone has made it to the camp to pull. Make the pull as soon as theres a good group of people there to start since the rest should be right behind. On the way to the Quadavs be sure to go South around the Manticores, a direct path in front of Selbina to the camp will bring you dangerously close to the Manticores.

4. Nant'ina (Gobbue NM) (10 minutes)

Hug the wall either North or South after you come out of the cave the Quadav statues were guarding. There may be a Manticore or Sabotender close enough to the wall to aggro but it will move. If you do aggro it just kill it since neither of these are all that difficult. Once everyone has arrived fight the Gobbue where it stands. It does a Charm move but it doesn't last that long so it isn't that big of a threat. Be sure not to stand to far from the NM or you could aggro the nearby Sabotender.

5. Cirrate Christalle (Malborol NM - Boss) (20 minutes)

If all goes perfectly you should have around 20 minutes time left when Gobbue NM dies. Gather together before you get to the Boss and rest up to full. Icarus Wings are a good idea to use before the pull. When everyone is ready move to the boss which doesnt aggro. Tanks stand at the Selbina gate and mages stand off to one side in the corner and melee off to the other. Two tanks can be assigned to stand opposite the rest of the tanks to keep the baby Malborols off the Bards who are able to sleep them at the start of the fight. If everyone stands close enough to the Boss none of the stuff that it spawns except the babies will aggro. A tank then pulls the boss by attacking it and melees unload weapon skills as quickly as possible. At this point it's just a matter of hitting it with everything you have. By killing the Gobbue NM the Boss cant charm and by killing the Fungus NM the boss cant use his heavy AoE damage move. I don't think the boss can be beaten without killing the Fungus and I highly doubt it can be beaten not killing the Gobbue and even if it could the Charm move spam would make the fight last for a very long time. When the boss dies you get 60 more minutes and the ??? pops but the babies do not despawn so you have to still kill them. They arent all that difficult especially compared to the boss.

Boss abilities:

Fragrant Breath (AoE Charm) - removed by defeating Nant'ina
Miasmic Breath (AoE Poison and Heavy Damage) - removed by defeating Fairy Ring
Putrid Breath (AoE Mild Damage) - removed by defeating Dragontrap
Vampiric Lash (TP and/or MP Drain) - removed by defeating Stcemqestcint

Nightmare Morbols - removed by defeating Dragontrap
Movement speed - removed by defeating Fairy Ring
??? - removed by defeating Stcemqestcint
??? - removed by defeating Nant'ina

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