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 wut drops where

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PostSubject: wut drops where   Wed Sep 10, 2008 11:10 am

Dynamis Bastok

Mirage Shalwar (BLU) (Legs)
Commodor Bottes (COR) (feet)

Dynamis San D'Oria

Mirage Bazubands (BLU) Hands
Pantin Babouches (PUP) Feet
Commodore Culottes ( COR) Legs

Dynamis Jeuno

Commodore Gants (COR) Hands
Pantin Churidars (PUP) Legs

Dynamis Windurst

Mirage Charuqs (BLU) Feet
Pantin Dastanas (PUP) Hands

Dynamis Beaucedine

Commodor Frac (COR) Body
Mirage Jubbah (BLU) Body
Pantin Tobe (PUP) Body

Dynamis Xarcarbard

Commodore Tricorne (COR) Head
Mirage Keffiyeh (BLU) Head
Pantin Taj (PUP) Head

Dynamis Buburimu
Mirage Mantle (BLU) ( stat Accuracy +7 Maccuracy +3)
Pantin Cap (PUP) (stat Dex + 5 attack +15 automaton: attack +15)

Mirage Bazubands -1
Commodore Gants -1
Pantin Dastanas -1

Dynamis Valkurm
Mirage Keffiyeh -1
Commodore Tricorne -1
Pantin taj -1

Dynamis Qufim
Commodor Belt (COR) ( stat str +4 ranged accuracy +8 ranged attack +5)
Mirage Charuqs -1
Commodore Bottes -1
Pantin Babouches -1

Dynamis Tavnazia
Mirage Jubbah -1
Mirage Shalwar -1
Commodore Frac -1
Commodore Culottes -1
Pantin Tobe -1
Pantin Churidars -1

Well Done!

Last edited by Kaede007 on Fri Sep 12, 2008 11:57 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : New Details from dynamis dreamlands)
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PostSubject: Re: wut drops where   Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:07 pm

oh awsum ty^-^


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wut drops where
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