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 Dynamis - Windurst

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PostSubject: Dynamis - Windurst   Mon Oct 15, 2007 9:18 pm

Below is a list of maps and items that are included in Dynamis - Windurst.

Strategy Map Leg 1

Strategy Map Leg 2

Strategy Map Leg 3

Treasures dropped in Dynamis-Windurst.

Ancient Currency:
Tukuku Whiteshell
Lungo-Nango Jadeshell

Colossal Skull
Lancewood Log
Relic Iron
Sparkling Stone
Wootz Ore
Gold Beastcoin
Infinity Core
Mythril Beastcoin

Relic Weapons:
Relic Dagger (BRD/RDM/THF)
Relic Knuckles (MNK)
Relic Maul (WHM)
Relic Sword (PLD/RDM)

Relic Armor:
Abyss Gauntlets (DRK)
Assassin's Bonnet (THF)
Cleric's Duckbills (WHM)
Koga Hatsuburi (NIN)
Monster Helm (BST)
Saotome Haidate (SAM)
Scout's Bracers (RNG)
Sorcerer's Gloves (BLM)
Summoner's Spats (SMN)
Valor Leggings (PLD)
Warrior's Mask (WAR)
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Dynamis - Windurst
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